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Life In Modern Britain

News Day Tuesday

The purpose of this project is to better connect our students (and ourselves) with the wider world and inspire reflection on their place in it.  This will be through short presentations in (usually) Tuesday registration time on a theme from the news or appropriate to that week.  You can view the presentations below:



Topic Tuesday Topic
     25th April 2017  Democracy
 18th April 2017  Happiness?  28th March 2017  Autism
 21st March 2017  Climate Change  14th March 2017  Pi Day
 7th March 2017  Why Art?  3rd March 2017  Boys and Reading
 21st February 2017  Feminism  7th February 2017  Safer Internet Day
 31st January 2017  The UK Nuclear Deterrent  24th January 2017  Holocaust
 17th January 2017  The Big Idea  10th January 2017  Digital Citizenship
 3rd January 2017  2017 Time for Change  13th December 2016  Christmas?
 6th December 2016  Fake News  29th November 2016  Fidel Castro
 22nd November 2016  Social Conscience  15th November 2016  Truth
 8th November 2016  Poppies  1st November 2016  Remembering & Forgetting
 18th October 2016  Patrice Lumumba  11th October 2016  World Mental Health Day
 4th October 2016  Rosetta and Voyager  27th September 2016  Please Offer Me a Seat
 20th September 2016  Shame  13th September 2016  Optimism